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Whether you’re in a residential property, an office, or a commercial establishment, air conditioners are a staple of any place. Their absence can cause discomfort due to the excess heat generated by the sun’s rays. That’s why it’s important for every air conditioner to be checked and maintained on a constant basis. When these things are not done, you can expect your AC unit to fail anytime soon. When that occurs, getting the help of a dependable contractor to provide you with AC repair is very important.

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1 FCU – $40

2 FCU – $55

3 FCU – $65

4 FCU – $80

5 FCU – $100

6 – 9 FCU – $18/FCU

10 FCU & above – $16/FCU

Chemical Service



1 FCU – $75

2 FCU – $140

3 FCU – $200

4 FCU – $250

5 FCU – $310

6 – 9 FCU – $60/FCU

10 FCU & above – $50/FCU

tri-yearly contract



1 FCU – $90

2 FCU – $150

3 FCU – $200

4 FCU – $230

5 FCU – $280

6 FCU - $330

7-10 FCU & above – $90/FCU

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As a professional company specialising in air-conditioning services,  KPA sole focus is on providing excellent service, AC repair  & AC installations for residential and commercial air-conditioning systems.

There are a lot of signs that point to a faulty air conditioner you should be familiar with. One good example is your AC unit’s inability to lower the temperature of a room within a given amount of time. When you first used your air conditioner, a few minutes was all it took for an area to be totally cooled down. After some usage, you might have noticed a weaker flow of cold air from your air conditioner. Aside from being dirty, it could also mean one or several air conditioner parts have already failed. In this case, performing an ac repair operation should be done right away

Another sign that your aircon should be repaired immediately is the presence of noise when it is functioning. Normally, an air conditioner produces a minimal amount of noise so you won’t be disturbed when you’re resting or working on something. The moment it makes noise when you turn it on, the damage has been done. It could be one of its parts is already compromised. This has to be repaired or else you run the risk of endangering other air conditioner components or the entire appliance itself

If your air conditioner won’t turn on, that means trouble for you. It’s also a sign that your air con needs to be repaired. There could have been some problems with the AC unit’s electrical parts. Some wires could have been exposed, thus losing the ability to transmit electrical power. Your air conditioner’s electrical board might also be worn out and needs to be checked out first. Although it can cause worry on your part, this predicament can still be fixed. Whatever the case may be, a professional air conditioner technician from KPA will always answer your repair needs.