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Whether you’re in a residential property, an office, or a commercial establishment, air conditioners are a staple of any place. Their absence can cause discomfort due to the excess heat generated by the sun’s rays. That’s why it’s important for every air conditioner to be checked and maintained on a constant basis. When these things are not done, you can expect your AC unit to fail anytime soon. When that occurs, getting the help of a dependable contractor to provide you with AC repair is very important. We are one of the most successful Aircon service company in Singapore.


Air conditioner

Neglecting regular maintenance can turn into high-priced repairs and replacement. Skirt that situation by keeping your air conditioner in the best appearance. Here’s why having your AC examined and maintained should be a priority this summertime: Protects essential equipment of your air conditioning unit, energy savings, and offers luxury and tranquillity.

Aircon office/ Aircon Singapore

When people are delivering presentations at a conference, there must be no sonances to mislead the audience. So the KPA aircon office/ aircon Singapore works noiselessly to make the office conference rooms suitable and also aids allow productive and dynamic communication.

Commercial AC for restaurants

Keeping your customers satisfied is the chief concern for all resturants and weather control, is an enormous part of that. When advising commercial ac for restaurants, one must take into thought the room shape, seating arrangements before settling on the place of the air conditioning unit/s.

Factory air conditioning

KPA Engineering Pte Ltd. provides convenient, high-performance air conditioning system for your factory air conditioning projects. The system works evenly well in various factory air conditioning environments, including shops, rural buildings, and warehouses.

Portable aircon Singapore

Having a portable air conditioner is beneficial as it can be worked both at residence and in the factories. There are so multiple reasons why portable aircon Singapore is espousing nowadays. The climate condition being the primary reason, and secondly, you indeed want something comparatively smallish to optimize for space in your factories and living rooms.

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1 FCU – $50

2 FCU – $70

3 FCU – $90

4 FCU – $100

5 FCU – $125

6 – 9 FCU – $25/FCU

chemical service non-dismantle


1 FCU – $120

2 FCU – $220

3 FCU – $300

4 FCU – $390

5 FCU – $480

6 & Above – $75/FCU

chemical service dismantle


1 FCU – $150

2 FCU – $280

3 FCU – $390

4 FCU – $500

5 FCU – $630

6 & Above – $120/FCU

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