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Just like every appliance we have, an air conditioning unit has a lifespan to it. The more we use our air conditioners, the more wear and tear it accumulates. As time goes by, your usage will pile and a number of your air conditioner’s parts will weaken until it is no longer functional. As such, air conditional servicing is a very important obligation to ensure your AC unit is well taken care of. As a result, you get to spend a longer time of its use and a cooler environment for your benefit. Fortunately, technicians from KPA are experts when it comes to the maintenance of your AC units.

Keeping any area cool is no easy task for your air conditioning units. Its continuous operation can cause several complications for you. One of which, is the deterioration of an AC unit’s cooling performance. You might have noticed that your air conditioners are struggling to lower a room’s temperature, especially in the summer months. This means certain parts, like an air conditioner’s compressor or evaporator coil, is failing. When this happens, you can count on KPA to provide aircon air conditioning service, including ac maintenance, and ac repair, to make sure your AC unit is up to the task.

Scope of air conditioning service Work:

Since air conditioners rely on electricity as its main source of power, it’s only proper to have its electrical components checked for any inconsistencies. If any sign of weakness or failure is found, servicing or replacing these parts can help prolong your air conditioner’s life.

At the same time, there are also a lot of moving parts inside an air conditioner. It’s really important to ensure those moving parts are lubricated well to prevent any form of friction. These parts, one of which is the fan, should have enough lubrication to maintain its integrity. Otherwise, the friction will slowly chip away these moving components and severely damage your air conditioning system.

Benefits of air conditioning service:

When it comes to cleanliness, air conditioners are also a big magnet for dust, dirt, and grime. In order for you to enjoy clean air, your AC unit will take all of these harmful elements and keep them far away from you. This process also means it will store these things over time. Thus, cleaning air conditioning systems on a regular basis is a must. This entails taking apart your air conditioner, using effective cleaning products to eliminate dirt, and applying anti-bacterial spray for an improved cooling function.

All of these maintenance and repair concerns should be included when you look for an aircon services. If one or several of these services are absent, your air conditioners don’t stand a chance of lasting long.

Maintaining air conditioners is no easy task. That’s why KPA is dedicated to give you an air conditioning service unlike any other. These air conditioner technicians are knowledgeable in identifying and resolving all sorts of problems to these appliances. Their years of experience have honed these contractors to ensure you only get the best from them. Due to their expertise, you can be assured your time, money, and air conditioners are in safe and able hands.

Normal Aircon Air Conditioning Service

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Why Air Conditioners Need Maintenance

While there are so many articles all over the internet which talk about the importance of maintaining our air conditioners, some of us still find it hard to believe their truthfulness.

We always doubt about these matters thinking that businessowners just like us to buy their products or engage their services, all in the name of profit. But even without this push from companies and profitable groups, logic dictates that all electrical and mechanical appliances and equipment are prone to wear and tear.

Steel rusts, plastic gets damaged over time, wirings inside air conditioners and heating units grow thin and old because of repeated operations. These are all true and we don’t need an expert to prove these facts to us. You may even experience malfunctioning and slowing down in the operation of your own cooling unit after years of usage.

So instead of always thinking twice about getting your air conditioners maintained by pros, why don’t you just observe these simple maintenance tips that you can do on your own and ask help from aircon repair pros when the damage or malfunction gets too obvious.

Regular Maintenance Tips for your Air Conditioner

  • Clean your filters weekly

When filters are filled with dirt, the internal parts of your AC will be affected just as much as your health is affected. Your cooling unit has to operate more in order to cool down the room when dirt on the filters get in the way. The more dirt, the harder your air conditioner needs to work. So we advice you to check your filters weekly for accumulated dirt.

  • Let your air conditioners rest at least a few hours a day

When it is not too hot and the air conditioner has somehow cooled down the place, let it rest for a while, maybe three to four hours, by turning the thermostat up. This way, the internal parts of your air conditioner will stop functioning and will get less prone to wear and tear. When it’s not too hot, sometimes, fan is enough to make you comfortable even just for a few hours.

  • Be observant of your air conditioner’s behaviour

When your cooling unit starts to make a strange sound or emit a strange odor that you have never smelled from it before, then that’s the time to call professional air conditioning unit. Don’t be allergic to maintenance and repair pros and learn to respect them. If you had a bad experience with some before, it’s a misconception to think that all of them are alike.

Don’t let your air conditioner suffer, but moreso, don’t let your family suffer from discomfort or sickness when your cooling unit breaks. If budget is really tight, then you’re in the right place now.

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