Chemical Overhaul

Installing and using an air conditioner is one of the best and simplest ways to make a space more comfortable. Having the benefit air conditioners provide means you can rest or work well without having a hot weather bring you down. With an extremely hot weather here in Singapore, the importance of air conditioners in every home and office is justified. That also means every person who owns this appliance should take care of it properly. Maintenance and repairs should be done on a regular basis to ensure an air conditioner will last longer and function better. Cleaning an AC unit is also vital and the best way to do that is with the use of a chemical overhaul.

You might be asking yourself, what a chemical overhaul is and what is its use for your air conditioner? For starters, chemical overhaul is the process of cleaning an air conditioner so it can work like new once again. Instead of soap and water, certain chemicals are used to clean air conditioners thoroughly. These chemicals have a better chance of eliminating dirt and debris stuck inside your air conditioner at a faster rate than conventional methods. As a result, your AC unit’s performance will be greatly improved after a chemical overhaul.

Benefits of our chemical overhaul in Singapore:

One specific air conditioner part that benefits that most from a chemical overhaul is its fan evaporator coil. This aforementioned component is responsible for absorbing hot air and making it cooler for your advantage. But with constant usage, dirt and dust will accumulate in this part and weaken your air conditioner’s ability to cool a room. The chemicals used in an overhaul operation are proven to break down the hold of these harmful elements on the fan evaporator coil and make it work well again.

Air conditioner thermostats are also an integral part of this appliance due to its capability to measure ambient temperature inside a room. Once this component malfunctions, your air conditioner might release the wrong kind of air temperature at the cost of your convenience. A good way to make sure these thermostats continue to work properly is to wash it with chemical-based cleaning products. This act will help prevent any form of corrosion from hindering these thermostats from doing their jobs. In this way, your air conditioner will release the right temperature without failing you.

A chemical wash isn’t something that can be easily done. As a matter of fact, you are only exposing your body to harm and placing your air conditioner at risk. This method of cleaning requires a set of competent tools, training, and enough years of experience. Fortunately, any technician from KPA has all of those qualities.

With just one call, you can be sure your air conditioner will be cleaned with utmost dedication. All cleaning products with chemicals in them are tested to be safe for you and your AC units. Plus, KPA’s dedicated team of aircon technicians are up to the task of performing this cleaning method to make sure any room lives up to your standards of comfort.